Infant Jesus Church Meladoor builted in 1925 according to the historical evidence. It was a shed in Vennoor and was related with a school. The church from the thatched shed
has been moved to the school presently it is the Lower Primary school at Vennoor, and Statue of Infant Jesus concreted there. In 1921 the King of Kochi took over the in-charge of this school. The Holy statue of Infant Jesus shifted from the school to the present Parish church in 1925. The shed has been rebuilted in 1926. Meladoor church announces as a parish in 1936. The present Parish church of Meladoor was built by Rev. Fr. G. T. Maliyekkal who often describe the Infant Jesus as "Kochu Midukkan" (smart boy) was the vicar of the parish for 22 years from 1957-1979. Eventually the number in the parish
members increased and reached in the stage of reconstruction. The Snehagiri Parish, Vennoor Parish and Annamanada Parish were separated from the Parish of Meladoor. The current church was built by Fr.Davis Koottala in 2009 January10.